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Jona Robinson Joins Lakeshore Public Media for Morning Drive Time Reporting

Lakeshore Public Media proudly welcomes Jona Robinson to its radio team, marking a significant addition to their roster of diverse voices. With a robust background in journalism and a deep commitment to inclusivity and community engagement, Robinson's arrival aims to elevate storytelling for Northwest Indiana.

“Lakeshore has long been a beacon of community-focused journalism, and I am thrilled to join a team that values diverse voices and inclusive storytelling. Growing up in Gary and later pursuing my education and career in journalism, I've always been driven by the stories that bring our communities together. My goal is to shine a light on the rich cultural tapestry of Northwest Indiana and ensure that every story, every voice, is heard and celebrated,” Robinson said.

As a Gary native, Robinson graduated from Calumet New Tech in 2018, with honors. Her professional journey to Lakeshore Public Media began at Ball State University, where she graduated in 2022, majoring in journalism and telecommunications with a minor in anthropology. Her educational foundation laid the groundwork for a career that initially led her to the education sector, where she taught 4th grade at Longfellow Elementary School and served as a paraprofessional at Clifford Pierce Middle School. These experiences instilled in her a passion for clear communication and community connection, values that continue to define her journalistic approach.

At GreatNews.Life, Robinson emerged as a formidable storyteller, celebrated for her ability to capture the essence of local communities. Her coverage ranged from cultural celebrations like the Valparaiso Popcorn Festival to pressing social issues such as the St. Jude House Survivor Celebration, where she spotlighted the resilience of domestic violence survivors.

"One of the most inspiring stories I covered was about a smoothie bar owner in Gary, Indiana, who transformed her passion into a community resource, providing healthy options in a food desert," Robinson recalls. "These stories drive my dedication to spotlighting cultural events and underrepresented voices in our region."

Robinson's personal journey, shaped by her experiences as someone hard of hearing, fuels her advocacy for American Sign Language (ASL) and the deaf community. This commitment to inclusivity extends to her meticulous approach to editing audio content for accuracy and accessibility, enriching her storytelling with a unique perspective and making her a powerful advocate for bridging gaps between different communities.

Beyond her journalistic pursuits, Robinson finds creative expression through painting, particularly abstract art inspired by memory, and enjoys exploring culinary arts through cooking and baking. Her passion for classic video games rounds out her diverse interests, reflecting her multifaceted approach to life and storytelling.

Jona Robinson's new role as a local host for Lakeshore's morning breaks during NPR's Morning Edition underscores her commitment to inclusive storytelling and community-focused journalism. With a background in education and journalism, she brings a deep understanding of the region's cultural tapestry to Lakeshore Public Media. Her appointment represents a milestone in her career, reflecting her dedication to enriching public discourse and celebrating local communities. Listeners can tune in to experience Robinson's impactful storytelling firsthand, where her passion for inclusivity and community engagement shines through.