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Eye on the Arts showcases a diverse range of local artists, artistic organizations, events and stories, demonstrating the power of arts in people's lives, and how art and culture improve the quality of lives for residents throughout Northwest Indiana

Best of 2023 | Lakeshore Public Media Productions
Olga Ziemska, Meghan Laurel, Paul Henry's Art Gallery, Alex Ann Allen
Lannie Turner, Musician, Mark Anderson, Kei Constantinov & Nancy Natow-Cassidy
George becomes a pyromaniac to figure out if ammonia is the fuel of the future.
The Lively One tells the unlikely story of the racing legend Dick Brannan.
Counterfeit detection pens use a starch-iodine reaction. We fool them using chemistry!
Does antimatter fall down, or does it fall up?
Exoskeleton fragments may have allowed microbes to sail the ocean and change the world.
Could cosmic voids be driving the universe?