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Eye on the Arts showcases a diverse range of local artists, artistic organizations, events and stories, demonstrating the power of arts in people's lives, and how art and culture improve the quality of lives for residents throughout Northwest Indiana

Marco Salazar, Carolyn Watson, Rensselaer, Indiana, and Toronzo Cannon.
Chris Acton, Nicholas White, Tom Sourlis, and Ryan Preston.
D. Lammie-Hanson, Lilian Fendig, Live Free Fabrication, & Charlie Parr.
Roll Seekers, 219 Throwdown, Project Neighbors, and 18th Street Brewery.
What is food apartheid? Learn how historical injustices led to Native food insecurity.
Just how much stronger is this year’s solar activity going to get?
So you’ve decided to jump into a black hole...
Manna for Hammond, Gabriels Horn, Meals on Wheels & NEST.
Sometimes the difference between life-saving drug and deadly side effect is chirality.