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What Hollywood Gets Wrong About Native America

Season 2 Episode 5 | 12m 06s

Why aren’t Native people– and their stories – ever the crux of your favorite films? From films used as a tool of genocidal propaganda, to award-winning Indigenous stories in Hollywood, how far has Indigenous media representation come and where is it headed? Tai Leclaire and experts track the past, present and future of Indigenous entertainment.

Aired: 05/20/24
What is food apartheid? Learn how historical injustices led to Native food insecurity.
How did Native Americans end up on Reservations?
Tai Leclaire explores the dark legacy of Indian boarding schools and mascots.
Tai Leclaire explains how Smokey Bear impacts climate change and Indigenous land stewardsh
This episode explores Disney's problematic portrayal of Pocahontas.
Unpacking the stereotype that Asians are next in line to be white.
Explore the pros and cons of disaggregating Asian American as a statistical category.
Where does the Asian fetish come from?
This xenophobic sentiment has resulted in a cycle of violence dating back to the 1800s.