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What Was The Earliest Surgery?

Season 6 Episode 16 | 7m 59s

When did practicing medicine - in its varied, complex forms (from sharing medicinal plants to the earliest surgeries) - become something that we actually started doing? While it’s a hard question to answer, it’s possible that our tendency to heal one another might have been with us for even longer than we've been human.

Aired: 03/18/24
Learn about how researchers have discovered a piece of a weird, but critical, time in the deep past…
Maybe there wasn’t just one so-called "cradle of humankind"?
How did such a strange plant like cannabis come to be in the first place?
We’re taking a look towards the deep future. After all, the story is far from over.
For some, the rise of venomous elapid snakes was an almost apocalyptic catastrophe.
When you only have fossils, how do you know if a dinosaur is female or male?
What are animal-like fossils doing in rocks a billion years old?
Paranthropus lived alongside our ancestors. If we are still here, why aren’t they?
Exoskeleton fragments may have allowed microbes to sail the ocean and change the world.
Fire only exists only on Earth because fire can’t exist without life.