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EOA: S8 | E09

Season 8 Episode 9 | 27m 29s

Lannie Turner is one of the most respected and beloved musicians in the Region. His performance and interview reveal a gentle and humble spirit with a passion for continued exploration of music. As an artist for 40+ years, Mark Anderson has sustained a career with his versatility and maintains a sense of vitality and discovery in his work with watercolor & MORE!

Aired: 05/10/23
Olga Ziemska, Meghan Laurel, Paul Henry's Art Gallery, Alex Ann Allen
Sharon Bladholm, Rocco Schiralli, & Nelson Wynn.
Billy Foster-Jazz Pianist, John Hehman-Music Producer, Jackie Kalin-Jax Art, Kevin Firme.
Tina Brenda-Tattoo, Peter N. Gray-Sculpture, Hook Paper, George Kassal, & Connie Kassal.
Roberto Ferrer - Wood Turner, Madison Wise - Blacksmith, Luke Eliot - Violin Maker, Chris
J. Faun Manne - former Fashion Designer turned artist, Robert Lee Fritz - Artist, Corey Ha