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Can Black Holes Unify General Relativity & Quantum Mechanics?

Season 10 Episode 10 | 13m 28s

Black holes clash in multiple ways with quantum mechanics. One such clash is the black hole information paradox—and a proposed solution—black hole complementarity—may forced us to radically rethink what it even means to say that something to exists.

Aired: 05/22/24
Just how much stronger is this year’s solar activity going to get?
So you’ve decided to jump into a black hole...
We only recently figured out where cosmic rays are coming from.
To travel the stars without faster than light travel we’re going to need a generation ship.
Today we are jumping into a black hole. Again.
The Moon: humanity’s first destination beyond our atmosphere.
So how did humans figure out the solar system? Eclipses!
Is gravity just an emergent effect of entropy?
Is our 3-D universe is just the inward projection of an infinitely distant boundary?
What if aliens are deliberately keeping quiet for fear that they might be destroyed?