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Can The Crisis in Cosmology Be Solved With Cosmic Voids?

Season 9 Episode 34 | 14m 29s

Two of the greatest mysteries in cosmology are the nature of dark energy and the apparent conflict in our measurements of the expansion rate of the early versus the modern universe that even dark energy can’t account for. Could both of these be explained by looking to a part of the universe that we’ve largely ignored so far? Could cosmic voids be driving the universe?

Aired: 01/09/24
Is our 3-D universe is just the inward projection of an infinitely distant boundary?
What if aliens are deliberately keeping quiet for fear that they might be destroyed?
So what exactly is an EMP, and how dangerous are they?
The terrible singularity at the heart of the black hole may be no more.
We may have solved the mysterious origins of supermassive black holes in our universe.
Does antimatter fall down, or does it fall up?