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Did JWST Solve The Mystery of Supermassive Black Hole Origin

Season 9 Episode 36 | 14m 33s

We’ve just observed the most distant black hole we’ve semi-directly detected. That’s cool enough on its own, but as an added bonus this one smudge may have solved the mystery of the origin of the supermassive black holes in our universe.

Aired: 02/13/24
We only recently figured out where cosmic rays are coming from.
Black hole complementarity may force us to rethink what it means to say that it exists.
To travel the stars without faster than light travel we’re going to need a generation ship.
Today we are jumping into a black hole. Again.
The Moon: humanity’s first destination beyond our atmosphere.
So how did humans figure out the solar system? Eclipses!
Is gravity just an emergent effect of entropy?
Is our 3-D universe is just the inward projection of an infinitely distant boundary?
What if aliens are deliberately keeping quiet for fear that they might be destroyed?
So what exactly is an EMP, and how dangerous are they?