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An Antidote for Deadly Mushrooms?

Season 9 Episode 15 | 11m 39s

The death cap is one of the most poisonous mushrooms known. Even small doses can prove fatal, so a group of chemists went looking for an antidote. But how do you go about discovering a new antidote for an ancient poison? With modern tools like CRISPR and computer simulations, they may be on the verge of finally removing the "death" from the death cap.

Aired: 10/17/23
Sometimes the difference between life-saving drug and deadly side effect is chirality.
What happens when you eat morel mushrooms.
WARNING: this video contains incredible macro footage of supercooled water droplets nucleating ice.
Let’s dive into the science behind ocean alkalinization!
Discover why curdled milk is the key to the best cocktail you’ll ever taste.
Scientists are finding the building blocks of carbon ring structures… out in space!
George becomes a pyromaniac to figure out if ammonia is the fuel of the future.
Counterfeit detection pens use a starch-iodine reaction. We fool them using chemistry!
Why Alex is terrified of antibiotic resistance, and what chemists are doing about it
Are liquid, virtually fireproof, recyclable batteries the future of grid-scale storage?