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Career Opportunities

All resumes and cover letters are to be sent to Jobs@lakeshorepublicmedia.org

Northwest Indiana Public Broadcasting, Inc.
(DBA – Lakeshore Public Media)
Broadcast Maintenance Engineer 
Media Telecommunications Technician

Position Summary
The position provides construction, maintenance and repair support for a wide range of predominately high-power Radio Frequency electronic equipment and systems for Lakeshore Public Media including DTV and HD TV Transmissions, ATSC3.0 equipment and transmission, Broadcast Interconnect, EAS, AMBER, FM, State/Federal All Hazards Radio, AM, satellite downlink systems, and Lakeshore Public Media facilities. This position will be expected to progressively develop technical expertise in analysis, design, and modification of content distribution systems, media interconnect systems, and associated RF analog and digital radio & TV program delivery and transmission monitoring equipment. Occasional Standby or on-call status and overnight work may be required.

This position reports to the President & CEO and works closely with senior level staff to complete duties. Work is performed under limited supervision.

Goals and Worker Activities

A. Broadcast Systems Maintenance, Test, and Repair (40%)

  1. Assist in planning and perform routine and preventive maintenance on all equipment and systems.
  2. Test components of malfunctioning transmission and delivery systems to diagnose impairments using test equipment such as: oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, time domain reflectometers, multi-meters, etc., as directed.
  3. Disassemble and repair equipment, including equipment with potentially lethal voltages and dangerous moving machinery, which is only performed with a safety observer present.
  4. Assist in planning and performing an intensive preventive and routine maintenance program to assure that all components of the delivery system are in proper operating condition and provide a uniform level of performance. This includes routinely checking equipment to note trends for early diagnosis of impairments.
  5. Observe and develop knowledge of applicable safety standards, rules and guidelines recommended or required by: FAA, FCC, OSHA, DWD, LPM transmission paths, and equipment manufacturers. With direction, work with potentially dangerous or energized equipment is possible.
  6. Monitor outside contractors and vendors in the construction, repair and maintenance of all equipment and systems, including towers, to ensure compliance with contract and industry standards.

B. Monitors, Reports, and Documents Systems Status (25%)

  1. Monitor and operate remote control systems for outage and impaired conditions. Responds to impairment scenarios immediately based on priority. Promptly reports and updates outage and impaired conditions in the proper discrepancy systems.
  2. Assure all systems are technically compliant as required by the FCC and FAA.
  3. Accepts the responsibility and performs duties of the Chief Operator or Alternate Chief Operator as assigned by supervisor and/or LPM leadership.
  4. Monitor and operate delivery system equipment to include: FM, DTV, BIC, EAS, All Hazards Radio, FM, AM and/or TV transmitters and translators, radio STL & ICR, TV STL & ICR.

C. Plan, perform and contract routine and preventive maintenance and services for NW Indiana     sites, facilities, grounds and systems. (15% )

  1. Assist in planning for contract maintenance on building physical systems such as HVAC, Generator systems, plumbing, and electrical; site specific telecommunications wiring systems; telephones and computer networking equipment; cable television wiring.
  2. Assist in the planning, scheduling and contract for janitorial, snow removal and grounds keeping services. Assist in services and contract for emergency services as required
  3. Perform or contract for emergency repairs for buildings, grounds, and systems.

D. Modification and Installation of Equipment (10%)

  1. With guidance from senior staff, design, construct, modify, and install delivery system and ancillary equipment.
  2. Purchases and plans for purchases of delivery system equipment.
  3. With guidance from senior staff, supervises outside contractors and vendors in the modification and installation of all equipment and systems.

E. Miscellaneous (10%)

  1. Assure high degree of site cleanliness.
  2. Prepare records and reports.
  3. Update system drawings and maintenance documentation.
  4. Provide training and support to other Media Telecommunications Technicians
  5. Performs other duties and activities as required.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required

  1. Knowledge of repair, analysis, and component operating functions as they relate to safely troubleshooting system and/or equipment failures.
  2. Ability to manage and perform periodic maintenance requirements as related to complex systems and equipment.
  3. Ability to work alone to maintain technical systems while taking remote direction from management and experienced team members.
  4. Knowledge of High power Radio Frequency (RF) systems
  5. Knowledge of Technologies related to broadcasting, including those related to distribution, transmission and remote control of television and radio distribution networks
  6. Knowledge of Analog and digital electronic systems
  7. Knowledge of IT and Networking systems
  8. Ability to work from and interpret diagrams and electrical prints
  9. Knowledge of Safety and security best practices as applied to broadcast facilities
  10. Knowledge of Tower structural and tower worker safety standards
  11. Knowledge of FCC and FAA rules and regulations
  12. Knowledge of NEC and NFPA rules and regulations
  13. Ability to provide effective, clear and accurate written and verbal communications
  14. Ability to work in a team environment
  15. Ability to maintain effective working relationships with other professionals internal and external to the organization
  16. Knowledge encompassing complex personal computer applications including databases, spreadsheets, word processing, presentation and e-mail
  17. Knowledge of STAR/PeopleSoft
  18. Ability to prioritize competing tasks and objectives
  19. Ability to work on multiple tasks simultaneously and independently
  20. Ability to perform complicated tasks under time pressure
  21. Ability to pay extreme attention to detail

Special Requirements

  • This position requires a variable, non-traditional work schedule including some nights and weekends.
  • A valid Indiana driver’s license, or the ability to obtain one’s own timely transportation throughout the work day, is required.
  • Must be capable of lifting objects up to 35 lbs. without assistance

All resumes and cover letters are to be sent to Jobs@lakeshorepublicmedia.org