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What If There's A Black Hole Inside The Sun?

Season 9 Episode 33 | 17m 53s

A fun nightmare sci-fi scenario is the sun being consumed by a black hole. Fortunately the chance of a black hole randomly wandering into our solar system is pretty tiny. That’s good news. But what if it’s already here, hiding in the core of the Sun and slowly eating it from the inside out?

Aired: 12/19/23
To travel the stars without faster than light travel we’re going to need a generation ship.
Today we are jumping into a black hole. Again.
The Moon: humanity’s first destination beyond our atmosphere.
So how did humans figure out the solar system? Eclipses!
Is gravity just an emergent effect of entropy?
Is our 3-D universe is just the inward projection of an infinitely distant boundary?
What if aliens are deliberately keeping quiet for fear that they might be destroyed?
So what exactly is an EMP, and how dangerous are they?
The terrible singularity at the heart of the black hole may be no more.
We may have solved the mysterious origins of supermassive black holes in our universe.