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As the climate crisis threatens our food supplies, already marginalized communities will be among the first to feel the effects of dwindling nutritious food. Hungry Planet showcases people's work on understanding the science of the food on our plates and how scientists and communities are working to keep it there for future generations.

Explore the institute where they are breeding mechanically-harvestable Chile peppers.
How farmers and scientists are using traditional and modern methods to grow tomatoes.
Scientists identify sweet potatoes' complex flavor profile to make them more delicious.
Funding for HUNGRY PLANET is provided by the National Science Foundation.
Sometimes the difference between life-saving drug and deadly side effect is chirality.
Washington Twp. Volunteer Fire Dept., Sugar Belt Fest, & the Region Gaming Esports Center
Did you know volcanoes created the Atlantic Ocean that we know today?
We only recently figured out where cosmic rays are coming from.
Black hole complementarity may force us to rethink what it means to say that it exists.
What happens when you eat morel mushrooms.